Adjaccio to Bonifacio

(this is the third of three posts made today. You may want to scroll down to “Crossing to Calvi” and work your way back to here….)

On July 1 we left Adjaccio to cross the bay to anse St. Barbara.. a short hop but nice to get out on our own again. A boat likes to shake loose those restraining dock lines now and again. Rum and coke on the bow, anyone?  The following day we sailed to Campomoro bay in a very picturesque anchorage.  We went ashore for a dinner of Corsican meats and wine.  The sunset was shot from the dink as we returned to the boat. Amazing.

Sunset at Campomoro

On July 3rd we sailed halfway, then motored the final two hours to Bonifacio.. the southern tip of the island. Wow. The photos begin to tell the story, but don’t do it justice….

Approaching Bonifacio Harbor

Asylum in Bonifacio

The oldest Tower in Bonifacio

The beginning of the pathway to the city on the hill

Happy Fourth of July from Bonifacio

Panorama of Bonifacio Harbor

Brenda had read about a tunnel that was hand dug prior to the occupation of the island in WWII. We took steps down and down and there are still “tracks” where a big gun wheeled into position looking out over the sea. Quite amazing.

The hand dug WWII tunnel to the sea

The rail to the opening in the cliff

WWII Tunnel to the channel

The french know how to celebrate Happy Hour.. with Ice Cream!

Thane's Happy Hour!

An anchorage in Bonifacio Harbor framed by the ramparts of the fortification

187 steps--or more!! King Aragon tried to take the city by building a staircase from the sea to the town in the 1500s. The effort failed. But the staircase is cut into the limestone still today.

Tomorrow morning we will leave Bonifacio and head to small islands between Corsica and Sardinia. The adventure continues….

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  1. Florence Lueth
    Posted July 6, 2013 at 2:43 am | Permalink

    The trip is marvelous. The pictures are great and the history is awesome. You two have done a fine job of narrating and taking pictures. The WWII tunnel is great and the 187 steps to the sea is awesome. What a wonerful journey. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Love Mom.