Asylum Adventures—Summer 2014

NOTE: Due to horrible Internet connections, we are only able to post the pictures in the post that we have so far. The post has been ready for at least a week, but we cannot get the Internet strength we need to finish integrating the pictures. Ah, technology! We will try again. In Italy, the ex-pats say it takes at least three tries to complete a transaction!
Enjoy what we have so far.
The summer began on May 21st when we left Sioux Falls for Rome with our four loaded bags of some clothes but mostly boat stuff and four carry on bags. Lots of things to bring to the boat this year, and Thane sent two boxes ahead as well.

Asylum on the hard next to the Tiber River outside of Rome

Before! We had our work cut out for us!

We arrived in the afternoon on the 22nd, rented a car and found our B&B, the Luana Inn, for the next few days. We were trying to meet up with the USF choir in Rome for their 4:00 concert but did not make it in time. We joined them instead for dinner and had a great time hearing about their experiences so far. The choir traveled through Assisi and Bologna and Verona and Florence before we catch up with them again in Venice.

The before picture of Asylum is what greets us each time we arrive to put the boat back in the water.
Much to do, so we are appreciating the B&B at night. The boat yard does not have any shower facilities, only a porta- potty, so we need the B&B at night! The weather is unexpectedly cool, but we are assured it will warm up in the next weeks.

Our “next door” neighbors are from Denmark—Claus and Karen on Mor Karen.

Our "next boat neighbors on the hard" at Natura Navigando

They have been waiting “on the hard” (the boat is in a cradle on land) three weeks for the mechanic to fix their engine. Fortunately they have bikes with them and can make trips to the store when needed. We had delightful conversations and they had a bottle of prosecco to help us celebrate our 35th anniversary. They celebrated their 40th anniversary the week before. We had dinner together at the Luana Restaurant, the parents of the B&B proprietor. The restaurant is owned and run by Magdi and Marcella. Magdi specializes in gluten free pizza and dishes because his daughter Luana is celiac. Another night of great conversation with Claus and Karen.

Brenda with Magdi and Marcella at Luana's Restaurant in Ostia

After a few days working on the boat, we made our way to Rome for the fast train to Venice to meet the choir. We managed to locate a hotel near the place the USF group was staying at—ours was a little more subdued! We enjoyed learning about Venice and our gondola ride and the choir’s contribution to the small chapel service at St. Mark’s Cathedral.

On our way to Venice via the fast train

Doesn't she look grand? The girl on the train is cute, too!

The Italian countryside on the way to Venice

Ahhh! Venice!

Space is precious in Venice. Here is our alley way to our hotel room.

Hotel Moderno was not easy to find!!!

"What is the news from Rialto?" The market bridge in Venice.

A quick trip to Murano for a look at the glass pieces.

Thane likes the larger sizes in Murano!!

St Mark's Cathedral in Venice. The USF choir sang at an evening mass.

The final dinner with the USF group was delightful with the choir singing after dinner to the small group of college students left in the restaurant. The waiters were video taping the group and enjoying the experience as well. Thane and I were privileged to be at “the Special Table” with three from the choir.

Final goodbyes in the morning to the USF group before we took the train back to Rome in the afternoon. Trains are a great way to travel! I wish we had more access in the U.S. to travel by train. No stress travel until the employees for the train post a strike on the day you want to leave.
We waited 90 minutes for our turn to learn if our travel plans were still in place. The fast trains were unaffected by the strike, but perhaps posting that information would have saved a lot of people a lot of time!

Our gondola ride in Venice

Brenda with Fabio, the 16th generation gondolier!

Back at the boatyard, Claus and Karen had had one visit from the mechanic and were hopeful to see him the next day for the boat trial—the only way the mechanic would receive payment! We finished what we could and were ready to be put back in the water on Friday. Simone and Francisco have been great to work with and timely with the work we needed done over the winter including new bottom paint and a great wax job on the hull that should last two years!

Asylum ready to launch with the crane

On Saturday we made our way to the Porto di Roma Marina just outside the mouth of the Tiber river on the sea. We tied up and made ourselves ready to pick up Amanda and Austin and Sylas at the airport for the next adventure.

Yeah! Amanda and Austin and Sylas finally arrive!

Sylas and Papa on Asylum--both a little bit crazy!

They will be with us until June 12th. So great to see them finally arrive! Their flight was delayed a couple of hours, but when they did not come through the doors for over an hour, we were a bit concerned. One of the bags was coming later in the day, so that was the hang up.

We sent Amanda and Austin to Rome on Sunday to see the Colosseum and have their own adventure while we had some Sylas time. Papa Thane has taught Sylas how to take off Papa’s hat! It is a good game for the two of them and keeps Thane just as entertained as Sylas!

On Monday, we all went to Rome and started at St. Peter’s Basilica. Lunch at Piazza Navona, then the Spanish Steps and shopping. Sylas has adjusted well and is learning to eat bread sticks like the Italian bambinos!

The Hahn family at St. Peter's Square, Rome.

Sylas and Grammy at St. Peter's

Finally! Amanda's first slice of pizza at the Piazza Navona!

Sylas learning how to eat the Italian way--with a bread stick!

Off for more adventures with the Hahns! Til next time…

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