Crossing to Corsica

Thane here.  Once again, we are a bit tardy getting up to date, but we will blame bad internet this time.. even cyber cafes often don’t have the bandwidth to download photos.. but here goes…

We crossed from Mallorca to Corsica on June 17 with a benign forecast that turned out to be a bit “off.” We have discovered that all Med forecasts are a bit suspect, but winds of 30+ with gusts to 40 as night fell was a bit of a surprise. But after 54 hours, we made landfall at Calvi… totally by chance. We picked a spot on the map and aimed for it.  It was the right choice, as we spent the next 10 days hopping down the west coast of Corsica.

Panoramic of the Calvi Bay

We quickly fell in love with the feel of the town; the citadel, the narrow streets, the people.

View from the Citadel in Calvi

We had a chance to be "escorted" to the police station at the airport by these friendly Customs officials

We got to experience mooring with boats right along side.. (no dock fingers) on our port side was Michael, who was on a powerboat but a wealth of information and an ex DJ from Australia. And on the starboard side was Francis and several friends who were kind enough to mark up our chart with all of the places we needed to see while in Corsica. (thanks, Francis and all, as you will see, we followed your advise. )

Dinner with a view from the Citadel with our boat neighbor Michael

Calvi--the birthplace of Christopher Columbus

Helpful Francis and friends from Lyon

Asylum looking at the quay in Calvi (Francis)

The French like their glaces!

Sant Marie.. I love this shot..

Thane's wish fulfilled--eating at a cafe in front of our boat. Note the shelving unit we modified into a boarding ladder...

We discovered Jazz Fest was going on while we were there.. with multiple stages. We were wandering around the citadel and happened upon this performance...

Sunset from the Citadel in Calvi

Moonrise at the Citadel in Calvi

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  1. Florence Lueth
    Posted July 6, 2013 at 12:58 am | Permalink

    Thane were you trying to tell tme that the water was a little rough in the crossing? Did it really take you
    54 hours to get to Corsica? That’s almost 2 and a half days. Wow! I really like the pictures. The sunsets are gorgeous and Thane dining in front of your boat. It sounds like you did meet some people that spoke English. That’s great. Make as many friends as you can, you never know where or when you might meet them again someday. Sorry you miss long conversations with real people. I guess you don’t meet too many people who speak English when you are in foreign countries. We love you and wish you well in your travels. Love Mom