Cutting loose!

Finally!  After literally years of planning, months of preparation, (and a dose of anxiety) it was time to release the dock lines and let Asylum FREE to do what she does best. After all, a boat is not made to stay in the harbor.  But before we left,we hit a bit a snag; two actually.

1. Looney, our trusty 20 hp Honda outboard that propels our dinghy, started.. but the needed stream of water coming out the back to show the cooling system was working… was absent. Odd, since I had a new impeller installed a month ago in Newport RI, and it was working then. A mechanic who spoke very limited English took a quick look at it and shrugged. I called several outboard repair shops and no one could service it for over a week. Our answer was to buy a small outboard ….we had to be able to get to shore and rowing our dink is not an option if there is any wind at all.

2. So, with check out time as noon and it being 2:30 in the afternoon, we decided to drop off the docklines and head out. As I attempted to pull away from the dock, our keel snagged the mooring line of the boat beside us and spun us perpendicular to the bow of that boat, with the wind pushing us against his bow pulpit. Hmmm.  The mooring line is a chain that came off the nose of his boat and heads down diagonally to a large anchor in the middle of the channel between docks.  After much frustration we were able to free ourselves… and away we went.  After an expensive refueling at the gas dock, we motored upwind to the western shore of Mallorca, to a harbor called Puerto Andratx.  The sights along the way were stunning.

off the dock

Of course, arrival to a new port is cause for a tot of Rum!

Puerto de Andratx

5 o'clock and on a mooring ball

We approached a mooring ball and a dinghy appeared from nowhere with a nice young man to help us get situated. The local yacht club installed balls throughout the harbor.. to you can’t anchor, but for our first night out we were fine on a ball. We filled out the paperwork and even ran the credit card transaction right at our boat. Amazing.

We had a wonderful French dinner at Mar Blau .. Thane had calamari!.. really really good calamari; and it was a serene meal and view.

gosh this is beuatiful

that's our boat out the window

During dinner, Brenda was twisting her adventure ring we got in Mexico, and it dropped to the concrete and proceeded to roll right of the edge of the platform we were eating on, and into the rocks below. We heard it bounce and “plunk” into the water. I climbed down and searched with my flashlight, but could not find it. The following morning we returned the scene and searched to no avail. We started moving rocks around to see if it was hiding.. and after we agreed to give up hope, we used a piece of driftwood to leverage one more big rock out of the way and WaLa.. there was the ring!

we found the ring under this rock

Heres a photo of Looney Bin with the new little Honda 2.3 HP motor… so cute! And so undersized! Brenda named him ScrewBall. We hope to get the big brother back in action at some point…

looney bin with new screwball (middle dink)

Then it was off to an anchorage known as Sa Foradada. It’s really just a notch in the high cliffs, but on the way we saw more majestic scenery…

cliffs of insanity

Most of the time we had no wind, or wind at our nose, so we motored. We looked behind us at one point and couldn’t believe it….I think someone is following us!


When we arrived there were a few other boats there, and we struggled to find a spot that was free of big underwater rocks (anchor eaters) and shallow enough to be effective.

Sa Foradada

We finally anchored in 60 feet of water with 200 ft of chain.. and all was well. There is a path to a top rated restaurant on top of the hill, and this shot we want to make postcards out of.. it was SO unbelievable.

Our postcard shot

find the smily face

now that's a kitchen

Turns out, all of the other boats left later in the afternoon, leaving us all to ourselves in this little piece of paradise….!

all by ourselves

And we leave you now this this final shot. Brenda rocks at sunset shots.. and as we toasted the end of a wonderful day on the water.. we were treated to this sunset as we floated motionlessly in the quiet of the twilight..
till next time…

it doesn't get any better than this

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