From Calvi to Adjaccio and the Tour de France

We thought we were leaving Calvi on a nice benign day, June 25th–the bay was like glass and looked like a good time to go. And you know this foreshadowing does not mean good tidings for these two travelers. As soon as we turned the corner, we had white caps and Brenda wondering what was the closest anchorage. We were able to duck in to Galeria and as we were heading into the bay, Thane noticed the bilge pump spitting water out of the back of the boat. As we discovered once we anchored, the watermaker had a split in one of the filter canisters which sent 20 gallons into the bilge where the tools and stores are kept. So our first day away from the dock was spent in clearing water out of the bilge. Sound familiar Karen, and Rod and Ranae? At least, now we have clean bilges!

Our next stop was Cargese. The seas were too rocky to enjoy the stops Francis had pointed out to us, but the coastline was beautiful. Cargese is noted for the two churches that “stare” at each other on the top of the hill overlooking the sea. Greek refugees built the Greek Orthodox church, but eventually the Catholic population wanted their own church and built their church across the ravine facing the Greek Orthodox church. A charming seaside town with an intense climb up from the marina.

Two churces on the hill faciing one another in Cargese. The Catholic on the left and the Greek Orthodox on the right.

The boat harbor at Cargese. Asylum in in the middle of the photo.

The bay at Cargese

On to Adjaccio where we were able to see the end of leg 2 of the Tour de France and watch the beginning of Leg 3 of the Tour. One of Adjaccio’s claims to fame is that it is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. We toured the birthplace home and learned more about French history than we knew before!

Adjaccio, Corsica

Adjaccio from the jetty wall

Napoleon in all his finery.

One of the rooms in Napoleon's birth home.

Then it was time for the race legs. We purchased our Tour de France gear thinking we would blend into the crowd. Actually, the Europeans did not have the merchandise frenzy that we thought there might be, but we proudly sported our gear and draped our US flag on the rail for the racers to see as they went around the corner! While we were waiting for the riders to come through, we visited with Pere and Francine from the north of France. They were on holiday on Corsica and came into the city to see the race. Francine helped me with my French, but needed very little help with her English. They hope to visit the US next year. We showed pictures of SD on the iPad as we kept track of where the racers were with live updates on the Tour website. We also met a group of bicyclists from the Boston area who were on an extreme biking trip. They had been to several Tours before and were helpful in letting us know more about what happens in the race. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of the group, but we enjoyed speaking English freely with others from the US!
The next morning, we lined up early to witness the beginning of leg three. This time we met a family on holiday from Belgium. Thane taught the boy how to play Farkle with the app on my iPhone while we waited. Prior to the racers coming through, the sponsors have a parade with presents! They throw all kinds of things into the crowds lining the streets! The riders came through in one fell swoop and it was done! (Reminded us of waiting for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade when Kate and Amanda marched with the Lincoln Band–wait four hours for two minutes of parade time!)

All decked out for the Tour de France

Pere and Francine waiting for the Tour de France riders

Here come the Tour de France riders!

Adjaccio is known as an Empirial City hence the crown suspended over Napoleon Avenue

The Belgium family we visited with for Leg 3 of the Tour to start.

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  1. Florence Lueth
    Posted July 6, 2013 at 1:17 am | Permalink

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip with youl Wish I could have done something like that in my life tiime.
    The pictures are really nice; the waters so blue and the flowers so bright and colorful. I loved the trip.
    Love Mom