Hello France and Monaco!

We arrived in Menton, France around 7:30 am and dropped our hook in the anchorage outside the harbor and promptly went to bed! The night’s passage was unpredictable wind wise, so not much sleep for either of us. After a shower and breakfast, we took the dingy to the marina to check out the town.

Menton is the first city in France and at one time was part of Monaco. The city rises up from the sea with steep inclines for streets. A lovely (there’s that word again) place to explore. We walked up the ramps to the view at the top and enjoyed our first crepe—pizza style with an egg on top! Thane was a bit tired, so he took a rest while I went shopping. In France, the gelato is called glacier, so, when in France…a stroll along the streets with a glacier and postcards from the citrus festival that takes place here. Think Rose Bowl parade with fruit instead of flowers!

We left in the late afternoon and made our way to the smaller marina in Monaco. On my walk the next morning, I found Princess Grace’s rose garden complete with a computer kiosk to locate your favorite variety. (Makes me think of the wonderful women at Reardon Dental in Sioux Falls–Here is your shout out Kris and Donna!) Monaco is very clean and relaxed. Later we made the walk up to the palace, the cathedral, and the aquarium and museum. We did not take the palace tour but did find our boat down below us. The cathedral is also the burial place of the heads of state, including Princess Grace. The marine aquarium and museum originated with Albert I of Monaco in the early 1900s. He devoted his time to exploring the sea and preserving specimens. The aquarium pulls water from the sea and they have successfully transplanted part of a coral reef from the Red Sea.

In the evening, we walked to the casino Monte Carlo. Thane found his next car—not. We walked into the casino and were told we needed a ticket to enter. We paid 10 Euros each to enter and when the man taking the tickets looked down, he saw Thane was wearing sandals and told us he could not come in. I was fine with my flip flops on, but he was not. They graciously gave us our money back. The guide books say, “remember the house always makes money at Monte Carlo.” While walking out, I looked down and found a 10 Euro bill on the floor, so guess who is one of the few to “make” money at Monte Carlo? This girl! Our walk back to the boat was the end of our 12 mile walking day! Uff da!

Thane likes to be helpful when he can, so while I was out buying a few groceries the next morning, I returned to the marina and could hear Thane’s voice but he was not on our boat. He was in the engine compartment of a boat near us. The engine compartment could house a small family—except for the smell and the noise! Mike, from upstate NY, had a generator problem and Thane was trying to help diagnose it if he could. Derrick was also on board and between the three of them, could not get it running. They were very appreciative of the help, though, considering there were other power yachts nearby with people working on them, but no one offered to help. We told them that’s what we do in South Dakota. It makes us realize the responsibility we have as ambassadors of the U. S. as we travel.

Next stop—Antibes.

The harbor at Menton, France

The ramped walkway to the heights of Menton.

Laundry on the balcony and the view of the bay at Menton

The view from the top of Menton

Ready for our first crepe in France! Savory. Complete with egg on top.

Thane needed a break after that crepe!

Brenda enjoying a glacier and a look around Menton and the Citrus Festival cards

Hello Monaco!

Princess Grace's roses in Monaco

Another view of the rose garden in Monaco. Too large to capture it all.

A statue of Princess Grace overlooking the rose garden in Monaco. The paths are made from dried almond pods.

The view of Asylum from the Palace walls in Monaco

The cathedral in Monaco

The aquarium and marine museum in Monaco

Fish friends at the aquarium

The coral reef transplanted from the Red Sea

The lovely octopus

This is a view from the floor of the museum to the sea!

Thane demonstrating an early submersible. It was actually used at one time!

Thane at Monte Carlo

Thane's new ride! Not!

We must be in France. This whole aisle is just Rose wine.

Derrick helped us leave the dock. Mike was still working on the generator.

The "rock" of Monaco! We certainly enjoyed our stay!

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