Levezza, Corsica to Anzio and Nettuno, Italy

When we left Bonifacio, we went to “The Baths” of the Mediterranean. If you’ve been to the British Virgin Islands and visited “The Baths,” you’ll recognize a similar phenomenon. (If you haven’t been to “The Baths,” give yourself a treat with Google Images.) We did a little exploring and basically read and swam and ate! Pretty much what we have done every day when we’re on a hook!

Our anchorage at Levezza

Sailing bums! Happy hour on the water--literally!

The island group with Levezza in the center

The rocks and the lighthouse at Levezza. Where's Brenda?

Sunset at Levezza with a seagull friend posing.

We left the islands for an overnight crossing to Italy. Brenda finished the Italian flag while we were at Levezza.

Brenda finishing the Italian flag on the boat!

Sailed about 6 hours of the 28 hours with a placid sea at night. We arrived at Anzio and could not get the harbormaster to answer us. Finally, someone came on the radio and told us he was at lunch. Lunch in Italy is from 1:00 to 3:30. Most businesses are closed–except the restaurants! Dinner is the big meal of the day in Italy, and takes place during the heat of the day! The man on the radio told us to go to Nettuno, which was a good idea!

The Nettuno marina was much larger and had better accommodations. We settled in and began exploring.
One of the reasons we chose to arrive at Anzio stems from something my dad told me about my Uncle Jack. Jack was at the battle of Anzio–which lasted 5 months–and survived. We did not know it at the time, but the American WWII Cemetery is located at Nettuno while the British cemetery is located at Anzio. We spent a morning at the cemetery and met Tina who is the American in charge of the cemetery. She told us that there is an Italian man–in his 80’s now–who brings flowers to the cemetery every Monday. As a young man, he was “adopted” by American soldiers during the Anzio campaign, and honors their memory every week. A military cemetery is a sobering reminder of the cost of war.

The entrance to the American Cemetery in Nettuno

The names of the missing American soldiers from WWII battles at Anzio and Sicily

Brothers memorial at American cemetery at Nettuno

The American Cemetery at Nettuno

One of the maps in the chapel area at the American Cemetery in Nettuno

The WWII marker at Anzio harbor

At the WWII marker in Anzio

Anzio harbor is located next to the Roman remains of Nero’s harbor. Now it is beach front property! Thane tried to take the dinghy in to sit on the beach, but was unable to land the dinghy. So, he made the best of the situation and put up the umbrella on the dinghy and read for a spell!

A view of Anzio from the marina

Thane enjoying the dinghy at Nero's beach!

Remnants of Nero's harbor at Anzio

One of the things we have enjoyed the most about our time in Europe this summer has been the old medieval streets associated with most ports of call. Nettuno has a great old walled city area with a lovely piazza. Here’s our favorite.

One of our favorite piazza's! This is in Nettuno.

Our favorite piazza at night!

Every night ends with a triple flavor gelato in Nettuno

Another pleasure of being in port is the sound of the bells announcing the times of the day to all. Some places peal the bells by hand at noon and 6:00 pm. Other places peal single tones on the hour and the three quarter hours. Handy when you don’t wear a watch or a phone!

We rented a car to check on locations to possibly leave the boat for the time we are home, and Brenda thought it would be a good idea to take the coast road to the Tiber River leading to Rome. It was Sunday. EVERYONE went to the beach! And there is beach front the whole 26 miles to Rome! It was a bit slow! People parked in every possible place, and Thane’s excitement was shifting from second to third gear! We spent the morning checking places and then the afternoon and part of the evening in Rome!

The drive to Rome on a Sunday! Lots of people head to the beach!

Just to tease you for the next post!

We found a place to haul out the boat near Rome and will be completing that task by Aug. 9th with flights home on Aug. 13th! We plan on spending our last two days roaming Rome!

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