Lyon, France and the Puppets

Our time Lyon was spent looking for and at puppets.  Lyon has an international puppet museum and is the city, which the puppet Guingol originated.  Guingol is to the French as Punch is to the English.  We were unable to see a puppet show, but the old town area is certainly host to things Guingol.

We toured the museum and found some intriguing puppets.  The most interesting one has four bodies controlling one another.  So cool.  I was itching to figure out how it all worked.

Lovely city.

Our hotel in Lyon right on Victor Hugo street.

Thane's dad would have loved this major marionette--four figures in one!

Children playing with shadow puppets.

Puppets at Lyon

Puppet heads of the characters from the Tempest

Thane with the puppet Guingol.

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