More sights of Palma

Before we reclaimed Asylum, we had a couple of days to discover the city.  The Cathedral is the iconic symbol for the city and we took the typical touristy picture!

The trees were in bloom. Here's one vibrant example.

Fishermen's nets

Windmills in the city and all over the island. Time to read Don Quixote!

The Cathedral of Palma

We also took a side trip to the factory outlet where they make the original Majorica 1890 pearls and jewelry. We called for a free shuttle to take us the thirty miles to city where it is located. It was nice to see the countryside–also dotted with windmills. I read later that there is an effort underway to restore the over 3000 windmills on the island, not so much to be used for grinding grain and pulling water from the ground, but as a national emblem of the island. I downloaded a free copy of Don Quixote and started reading! Yes, tilting at windmills on Mallorca would have kept Don Quixote busy!
At the factory–which we can no longer tour, but they had people demonstrating the process–we learned about the process of making the pearls. The base of the pearls are a special glass from Germany that is heated and formed by women into the shapes called for by the jewelers who are men. A definite separation of duties between men and women that has existed since the beginning of the work.
The glass beads are dipped 31 times in the “pearl” mixture made from components from the sea including shells and other natural colors. They have 13 different shades of pearls. Strings of pearls are strung by hand and knotted after each pearl is added so if the string should break, only two pearls will be affected.  It was fun to look at the pieces in their display cases and to shop.

Majorica Pearls

Making Majorica pearls

Dipping Majorica pearls

The sangria and water are the same price!

The next post will have us on our way on Asylum!

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  1. Florence Lueth
    Posted June 22, 2013 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    What an interesting trip you are having and me too looking at your pictures. The tree is beautiful. Very interesting about the pearls. Love you Mom